I apologized too much this week! But why? Personality flaw? Gender socialization? Midwest 'niceness'? This list is my confession of apologies...and my vow to stop apologizing for existing in the world.
  1. For entering a local shop on a windy day, which caused the back door to fly open
    I did nothing wrong. I do not control the wind. I am allowed to walk into shops.
  2. For playing French accordion music when my friend was over for dinner
    I did nothing wrong. I love this music. It's like sitting at a European cafe on a sunny, breezy day. I am allowed to softly play tunes when I cook dinner for nice and chill people.
  3. For not donating my bag refund at Whole Foods
    I did nothing wrong. At least 50% of my basket was local food/products, and I bought a bar of Pacha soap. I am allowed to keep ten cents and not feel such immense guilt.
  4. For leaving my apartment at the same time as my neighbor
    I did nothing wrong. I am allowed to leave my apartment. We walked down the narrow stairwell together and no one died.
  5. For telling the office assistant the toner ran out in the printer.
    I did nothing wrong. The printer was out of toner when I arrived at the print room. I am allowed to mention facts about machinery that are required so I can do my job.
  6. For recommending a podcast my boyfriend didn't care for
    I did nothing wrong. The podcast episodes are 2 minutes long; this was a low-stakes time commitment. I am allowed to share ideas, knowledge, and pleasure, always.
  7. For my dog farting around everyone
    I *really did nothing* wrong. My dog is occasionally gassy when she's worried. (She's a rescue with separation anxiety.) I am allowed to own a noxious dog, and she is allowed to have bodily functions.