I had a stressful day, but tonight makes it worth it
  1. Today I woke up early, deliberated and fell back to bed
  2. Today I woke again with a start and rushed out the door
  3. Today I ran to class and began the day with a smile from my eyes and a grumble from my stomach
  4. Today my nerves fled my body and invaded my limbs as I awaited judgement
  5. Today I Idly chatted as my eyes scanned the room, rearing for my last show of power
  6. Today I sat for the exam and tasted fear at its finest, finally taking what would be the end
  7. Today I struggled, but prevailed
  8. Today I finished what needed to be done
  9. Tonight I retire to a steady sound of rain slipping down the windowpane, molding a feeling of warmth and comfort that accompanies home