Because sometimes, adulting is hard & you need to recognize your victories.
  1. Downloaded the new Adele song, Hello. (25 is officially pre-ordered)
    The fact that this list has anything else on it is a small miracle. Really didn't want to leave my bed, but instead listen on repeat in my jammies all day.
  2. Unpacked my suitcase from this week's business trip.
  3. Put away the (v,v wrinkled) clean laundry that had been piled on my bed for longer than I care to admit
  4. Put the trash & recycling out for pick up
  5. Changed the sheets on my bed
  6. 3 loads of laundry
  7. Emailed customer service for an online purchase since they sent me the wrong items
  8. Boxed up said wrong items to drop off at the post office
  9. Bagged up my dry cleaning to drop off