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Beginners guide to me. Because I'm more than just a list of a few facts.
  1. My name is Ashley.
    ...Kathleen Warren.
  2. I have 2 younger brothers.
    Ryan and Michael. Which also makes me the oldest.
  3. I have my master's in sports management and bachelor's in film.
    I use neither.
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  1. Wild Hearts Can't be Broken
    I mean, what 10 year old girl didn't reenact the entire film on the play ground during recess.
  2. Breathless
    All time, hands down favorite flick. Although it really doesn't, nor have I ever seen it pop up on regular TV viewing. Shame. So I guess it really doesn't count but I don't feel right not listing it.
  3. Christmas Vacation
    Need I say more?
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