Beginners guide to me. Because I'm more than just a list of a few facts.
  1. My name is Ashley.
    ...Kathleen Warren.
  2. I have 2 younger brothers.
    Ryan and Michael. Which also makes me the oldest.
  3. I have my master's in sports management and bachelor's in film.
    I use neither.
  4. I take hip-hop class on Mondays at the MET.
    I'm terrible but I don't give a f***.
  5. Currently reading "Take Your Eye Off the Ball".
    I'm an avid football fan and continuously learning more about the game.
  6. I wonder if I'll ever have kids.
    It's a thought. And I'm approaching 33.
  7. I'm vegan.
    Well, I try to be. More like vegetarian. Sometimes I love cheese too much.
  8. I miss California.
    Currently in Texas. Love being close to family but I belong next to the ocean. Plus, family likes to visit when you live next to the ocean.
  9. I'll go anywhere at least once.
    If I could travel for a living, I would. Maldives to Minocqua, I'm always game.
  10. Tomorrow I'll be a godmother.
    My beautiful, amazing cousin is set for DDay 10/19.
  11. I like to sweat.
    AM cardio gets me pumped for the day. I never thought I would see the day I would become a morning person. Guess I grew up. Shit happens.