1. Wild Hearts Can't be Broken
    I mean, what 10 year old girl didn't reenact the entire film on the play ground during recess.
  2. Breathless
    All time, hands down favorite flick. Although it really doesn't, nor have I ever seen it pop up on regular TV viewing. Shame. So I guess it really doesn't count but I don't feel right not listing it.
  3. Christmas Vacation
    Need I say more?
  4. Tom and Huck
    I actually recorded the entire film on a cassette tape and would listen to it when I went to bed. Every night. I was going through a Brad Renfro phase for sure. Brings back instant memories.
  5. Some Like it Hot
    Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn.
  6. Death Becomes Her
    I'm not entirely sure why. I just enjoy the flick.
  7. Home Alone
  8. Titanic
    To go to sleep.
  9. Anything Action
    Even if the plot line/acting is subpar.