Just started using an iPhone after being an Android user for 5 years. Here are a few things that have been annoying me all day in no particular order.
  1. Hate having to press the physical button.
    I'd gotten used to tapping the screen for the home and back buttons. Pressing this physical button requires extra effort which is not fun.
  2. No permanent back button.
    Accidentally clicked an ad? Well, press the home button twice and close it out. No tapping - actually press the button.
  3. Weird positioning of the back button.
    The back button in the apps shows up on the top left of the app, which is weird, because that is the hardest place for my right handed dominant thumb to reach. Also, the system's back option, to go to the previous option shows up in the notification tray - which feels weird.
  4. UX hurdles.
    Often I have to follow instructions to go into settings and do certain things in order to set up apps.
    I have to go into settings for some reason every 10 minutes, it's ridiculous. Especially while entering credentials for connecting to WiFi networks: How ridiculous is that? How about letting me do that in the bottom-up swipe menu?
  6. The search button in the App Store
    Editor's picks are great, but when I open the app store, I usually have an idea of what to download. It's annoying not to have a search bar on the main page.
  7. Entering the Apple ID password
    I had to enter the Apple ID password several times repeatedly during setup.