What makes me so darn special

Friends/coworkers answered this question about me for a final I had last semester in PR... their answers will be the titles, the way I see myself will be in the description
  1. "Your personality is always at 100%, it's either the best day of your life, or the worst day of your life." -a roommate
    Awesome, I sound like a contestant on the Bachelor.
  2. "You have a great sense of style! Your makeup is always on point!" -the administrative assistant where I work
    I'm rushing to add that to my resumé now! (But now I'm almost considering that Bachelor contestant thing if this is all I am.)
  3. "You're a hoarder, but a lot of times that comes in handy." - a fellow student worker
    I failed to mention that I work at my university. Anyway, yes, I keep everything that might even possibly be useful later. I'm not necessarily ashamed of this- however, I don't think it makes me so special. If anything it makes me crazy.
  4. "You're extremely perceptive. You are able to observe people and your surroundings really well and can adapt to different situations with ease." -my boss
    She just made being a 'people person' sound like I have a special talent. That's why they pay her the big bucks.
  5. "You're just Asia, no one else is like you!" -everyone at some point said a variation of this
    Funny, that's the point of the project, to find out what makes me stand out- yet all we've got is that I'm a passionate, stylish, perceptive hoarder. Sounds like the beginnings of a great tv character, but not a real person! Oh well.