Inspired by @Debby
  1. But, twinkies .. Let's be real
  2. What kinda panini's you guys be eatin?
  3. But is a hotdog a sandwich?
  4. Do you guys remember "gives you hell" ??
  5. I just wanna rap
  6. Skittles are my trigger!
  8. Literally there are White Christmas groupies out there
  9. I have pants on by the way
  10. You smell like a puppy dipped in vanilla
  11. Darn serpent
  12. I house sat with a California King once it was crazy. I only messed up a third of the blankets
  13. Salty tears are good for your skin
  14. So when your nose runs that's your tears coming out of your nose?
  15. I converted you to hippos
  16. DJ JESS RATH ON THE FLOOR.. Literally on the floor
  17. Dark circles, you are not invited on my face
  18. I'm so excited to marry a koala
  19. She has a minor in dead languages, that's what happens when you go to a private Christian school
  20. I'm really torn rn because I really love tigers but I just bought a moose pillow pet
  21. You should be in a crest commercial
  22. Jesus photobomb
  23. And we celebrate with victory showers... The washing of our bodies
  24. I can see up your nose
  25. This is a very fun secret thing
  26. I try not to care about my feed but I do care about my feed
  27. Have you ever had bagel bites? Yes. I was just thinkin about em ... Like they were just on my mind.
  28. She always has to pee when I do it's great