Tv is overrun with anti heroes and serious dramas. People forget that tv was once the home for the half hour comedy
  1. M.A.S.H.
    Smartest half hour of television to ever grace their. Survived the loss of trapper, Henry Blake and frank burns and maintained its humor through all 11 seasons. Still the greatest show finale of all time.
  2. The Simpsons
    The first nine seasons rank as probably the best show of all time. Unfortunately the stink of seasons 10 through the present day tarnish the luster of this brilliant show. It's cultural relevance cannot be overlooked
  3. Cheers
    The first five seasons with Shelly long are the blueprint for a perfect workplace comedy. Inimitable characters such as Carla Coach Woody Cliff and even bar patron al make this show a classic
  4. All in the family
    Archie bunker. Enough said? No show touched upon racial social economic and cultural issues more intelligently than this show
  5. 30 Rock
    Skewering humor that is wry and subtle. Not a show appreciated by enough folks. Excellent cast and performance of Alec Baldwin is to die for.
  6. The Office.
    Making no distinction between the UK and the US versions UK version is only a handful of episodes long so it's difficult to put it on a list with shows that Have had hundreds of episodes. The Michael Scott office carved it's own niche and was great pre the departure of Steve carrell.
  7. Curb your enthusiasm.
    Larry David one-upped one of the classic comedies of all time in Seinfeld and proved that his uncomfortable humor had an audience on its own. Too many classic episodes to list
  8. Seinfeld.
    Four of the classic characters of all time. Wonderful use of New York as an element to the show. Only thing marring the show are the unwatchable seasons after Susan's death. Show was a poor facsimile of itself in those later years.
  9. Louie
    Tough to call this a comedy but because it defies classification, it deserves to be on this list. Louie is funny, mordant, silly, absurdist, sad and mystifying all at the same time.
  10. Scrubs
    Admittedly an Odd entry to the list but its screwball comedy always gets me and it is eminently re-watchable
  11. Others
    Apologies to Lou Grant Mary Tyler Moore Andy Griffith the honeymooners odd couple and the carol Burnett show.These all pre-dated me