My favorite moments with her

Prepare for sappiness
  1. Long walks on the beach at night
  2. The feel of her head on my heartbeat
  3. The gentle caress of her thumb against mine
  4. Watching her jam out to the funkiest of tunes
  5. Noticing that one little wrinkle at the outside corner of her eye form when she smiles
  6. Kissing her with every drop of love I have
  7. Falling deeper and deeper every day
  8. My inability to find an end to what I love about her
  9. Watching her smile and me from the passenger seat
  10. Hearing her laugh nuzzled up next to my ear
  11. Cuddles
  12. Coffee breaks
  13. Tea shopping
  14. Art museums
  15. Long car rides
  16. Any and every moment I'm with her
  17. Trust me, for your sake, I'll just cut the list off here. Eternities would pass as you read this otherwise.