Animatronics that we should fear in the event of a Westworld incident at Disneyland.

  1. The culturally insensitive parrots from the Enchanted Tiki Room
    They are forced to sing the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room song dozens of times a day. They are gonna be PISSED at humans.
  2. 'It's a Small World' dolls
    Same situation as the Tiki Room birds, with perhaps an even more maddening song to contend with. Look at those cold, calculating eyes. They will have such revenges on us all.
  3. The red-headed lady from Pirates of the Caribbean
    Clearly, she is the Maeve of Disneyland
  4. Haunted Mansion ballroom ghosts
    They probably won't kill us but they probably will start a super annoying pop-punk band.
  5. The Yeti in the Matterhorn
    I mean, he *is* a Yeti and he seems pretty angry.
  6. The Dynamite Goat on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    Disneyland aficionados claim that if you keep your eyes on the goat while you're riding around the bend, it changes your experience of the g-forces, making it feel as if you're being flushed down a toilet. When the singularity comes, he will flush humanity down the metaphorical (or maybe literal?) toilet.
  7. Mr Lincoln
    He is gonna be so pissed when he sees what we've done with this country.
  8. Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean