I am obsessed with podcasts! I will recommend podcasts to you whether you like it or not. Some of these are public radio shows available as podcasts, other are only available as podcasts.
  1. This American Life
    The original. The show that made me a public radio nerd.
  2. Radiolab
    Radiolab, my eternal favorite. Ostensibly it's a science show, but it's about stories and sounds. It's a full aural experience. No other show sounds like Radiolab. Check out "Stochasticity" and "Falling"
  3. 99% Invisible
    An exploration of design, architecture and the hidden aspects of everyday life. Roman Mars has the most soothing voice on the planet.
  4. The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe
    Science news from a skeptical perspective. Not skeptic in the Jenny McCarthy sort of way-the legitimate science-based way.
  5. You Must Remember This
    The first thing I do on Tuesday morning is check for the new episode of You Must Remember This. The Charles Manson's Hollywood series was gripping, terrifying long-form storytelling.
  6. Gastropod
    Science and food. They recently did an episode just on Cilantro, if that doesn't convince you to listen.
  7. Answer Me This
    Helen and Olly give advice and answer general questions. Utterly hilarious.
  8. The Allusionist
    Helen from Answer Me This is the host. It's all about words and how we use them.
  9. Reply All
    A show about the Internet. It's like hanging out with you cool internet friends.
  10. Planet Money
    The only reason I know anything about economics and finance
  11. Backstory with the American History Guys
    This show is like geeking out with your favorite history professors.
  12. The Splendid Table
    This show makes me hungry every time I listen to it. You could ask Lynn Rosetto Kasper what to make with sauerkraut, ice cream, and dog shit and she would come up with a delicious recipe.
  13. More or Less
    A show about statistics! They investigate questionable statistics claims made in the media
  14. Serial