I'm just really into bath bombs right now.
  1. Luxury Lush Pud
    It looks festive! It's after Thanksgiving! I am about that life.
  2. Sex Bomb
    It's name is just a tad bit promising. I'm not into florals and roses scents all of the time, but I can get down with it every now and then.
  3. Lord of Misrule
    I'm pretty sure I missed out on this one for the year, unfortunately. It looks great in photos. If you used a bath bomb and didn't Instagram it, did you ever really take a bath at all?
  4. Dragon's Egg
    I love candy in bath bombs. And colors. Nice smells also a plus. But the visuals are key.
  5. Sakura
    Not sure why this is on my list, to be perfectly honest. But why not. Let's just try them all.
  6. Shoot for the Stars
    Intergalactic was amazing, blue bath bombs are ace, sparkly water is ace. All seems promising.