I'm just really into bath bombs right now.
  1. Luxury Lush Pud
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    It looks festive! It's after Thanksgiving! I am about that life.
  2. Sex Bomb
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    It's name is just a tad bit promising. I'm not into florals and roses scents all of the time, but I can get down with it every now and then.
  3. Lord of Misrule
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    I'm pretty sure I missed out on this one for the year, unfortunately. It looks great in photos. If you used a bath bomb and didn't Instagram it, did you ever really take a bath at all?
  4. Dragon's Egg
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    I love candy in bath bombs. And colors. Nice smells also a plus. But the visuals are key.
  5. Sakura
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    Not sure why this is on my list, to be perfectly honest. But why not. Let's just try them all.
  6. Shoot for the Stars
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    Intergalactic was amazing, blue bath bombs are ace, sparkly water is ace. All seems promising.