1. Babysitter
    I'd waited YEARS to do this, going as far as taking a multi-day course that included a nifty backpack full of first aid stuff and games... only to find out once I did it that I HATED babysitting.
  2. Filer
    My dad hated doing this for his business. Why not employ your nerdy daughter.
  3. One-night cater waiter
  4. Actor
    A few times over the years. Many more unpaid times.
  5. Tour guide in a cavern
  6. Drama teacher x4
    Ages 4-14 at varying times.
  7. Singing server on a day cruise ship
  8. Chocolate tourguide
  9. Historical tour guide
  10. Playwright
  11. Typist
  12. Transcriptionist
  13. Nursing staffer
  14. Agent at a wedding service company
  15. Desk sitter-atter
  16. Article writer
  17. Wedding photographer
  18. Data entry