My own best friend recently said "I don't even know what music you listen to." So I decided to make a quick list of some of the bands and musicians that I can never have enough of. In no particular order.
  1. Dawes
    One of my all-time favorites. "Things Happen" was like, my anthem for 2015. Taylor Goldsmith has the healthiest views on relationships, love, and heartache and it's so inspiring to hear someone sing such honest songs and challenge himself to grow every song, every album.
  2. Hurray For The Riff Raff
    Again, you get that vibe that Alynda Lee Segarra has experienced her fair share of grief and heartache over the years and knows how to channel all of it into seriously inspiring music. I recommend them to everyone regardless of that person's music taste because they're such a passionate and raw group of young musicians who have been trying their whole lives to find their place in the world and have finally hit their stride.
  3. Billy Joel
    Everyone thinks it's a joke when I go on about Billy Joel but I actually really do love him. "For the Longest Time" is genuinely my favorite song ever and it makes me super emotional every time. Billy started from the bottom and now he's the king of the Hamptons. What a guy.
  4. Waxahatchee
    I fell madly in love with the first album and was AMPED on Ivy Tripp. It came out on April 7th and I know this because I was listening to it for the first time when I got into a car accident. I was too shaken to listen to Waxahatchee at all for months and that was really hard, but somehow that feels like something you'd hear about in a Waxahatchee song. If you can't tell by now, I love raw and honest and emotionally vulnerable music and she's got it all baby.
  5. Shakey Graves
    One of the best experiences of my life was listening to his album "And the War Came" while drunk eating Chinese food in the bathtub of a hotel room in Flushing. What a great way to listen to an album like that; the confined space creating an echo-like effect on his otherworldly, low vocals. The warm, steamy making the whole atmosphere some sleepy dream world. I saw him live at Union Transfer in Philly on my birthday, which was a Friday the 13th, which is the best kind of day to see Shakey.
  6. Brown Bird
    Now Brown Bird is a band that I love so much that it's not even easy to put it in words. The band was started by David Lamb and MorganEve Swain, boyfriend and girlfriend who created amazing music experiences, performing what they called "world folk." David was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after the first (and only) time I was lucky enough to see them live. He passed away in 2014. Watching them live was mind-blowing. Truly one of the hardest/working bands I'll ever see.
  7. Blur
    I spent those awkward teenage years listening exclusively to Blur and Gorillaz. I fell hard, as most girls did, for Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon. I feel like without them I'd be nothing. Their songs spanned the spectrum from fun and mindless pop to deep character studies. Somehow Blur made me feel like I had a social life. It made me feel normal, even though nobody I knew in real life thought I was normal by any means, not least of all because I listened to Blur.
  8. CAKE
    Oh boy oh boy do I love CAKE. What's it about them that's so good? And having an instrumental of "Italian Leather Sofa" as the theme song for Mission Hill helped me give it a chance all those years ago when the show had just started and I wasn't sure what I would be in for. If it wasn't for the CAKE t-shirt he was wearing, I never would have approached the guy in the cafeteria who would end up being my best friend and writing partner for the next six years. Bless you CAKE!
  9. Langhorne Slim (And The Law)
    Langhorne Slim's music makes me feel like he and I are kindred spirits. That my experiences aren't just my own, but in a way that's comforting. Like that we're all just victims of the human condition. It makes me want to get in touch with nature, call the people I love just to tell them I love them, to stay up all night staring into someone's eyes. It's romantic and raw and energetic and the man is truly an animal. He never stops working, never stops touring, never stops creating.
  10. Violent Femmes
    Not a lot to say about them that you probably haven't heard over the last few decades. Again: raw, honest, emotionally charged. I listen to them exclusively when I'm in a bad mood and it makes me feel invigorated and righteous. I listen to them when I'm in a good mood to feel like I've just emerged from some kind of cocoon and I'm back and better than ever. I listen to them and I scream at the top of my lungs and I whisper to the point where I can't hear myself. They're universally important.