Songs That Remind Me of Me a.k.a Songs I Relate To

I had a bad day at work so I made a playlist of songs that remind me that there are other people like me out there everywhere and I'm never alone. Includes my favorite lyric from each song!
  1. First Aid Kit - King of the World
    "Now I wasn't born for anything / wasn't born to say anything / I'm just here now and soon I'll be gone"
  2. Billy Joel - I Go to Extremes
    Literally the whole song
  3. Dawes - Somewhere Along The Way
    "She went from table manners, to tunnel vision, to premature farewells"
  4. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
    "Oh, if I didn't die, I should be satisfied I survived, It's good enough for now"
  5. Shakey Graves - Hard Wired
    "Yeah I am as I was / sick with mercy and love / well, I'm sorry enough / I was hard wired"
  6. Langhorne Slim - Restless
    "One day I felt so good nothing could bring me down, the next morning I awoke, I was plastered to the ground"
  7. David Bowie - Life on Mars
    Literally also the whole song
  8. Violent Femmes - Good For/At Nothing
    "Yes, that’s what I’m good for / I am good at something / that's exactly what I’m good for / I am good for nothing"
  9. CAKE - Jolene
    "Jolene heard her father's uneven snores. Right then she knew there must be something more."
  10. Hurray for the Riff Raff - Amelia's Song
    "But you're not made of stone, you're made out of honey / and you can't be consumed by my life"
  11. J Mascis - Circle
    "Everything is temporary anyway / when the streets are wet the colors slip into the sky but I dont know why that means you and I"
  12. The Avett Brothers - Talk on Indolence
    The whole intro
  13. Middle Brother - Someday
    "I love to give every part of my best / maybe someday I'll give you the rest"