1. That summer my dad made me and my brother dig a giant pit in the backyard
    He would give us those Mountain Dew Slurpees that were an Incredible Hulk movie promotion at 7-11. He promised when we were done digging the pit, he would take us to see it. He did, but I fell asleep during it because my child body was exhausted from digging a pit everyday.
  2. Going to The Wiz when it was having a going out of business blowout sale and buying a Men In Black The Animated Series Gameboy Color game
    Me and my brother ran into a local wrestler named Slayer we knew of because we were big into local wrestling at the time. We approached him and spent way too long talking to him. It was the first time I remember understanding the concept of social anxiety.
  3. Going to the boardwalk with my childhood best friend and her family, winning that game where you shoot water in a clown's mouth, and winning a pack of Pokemon cards
    It had a holographic Wigglytuff in it. I was very happy. My friend was jealous and got mad at me for the rest of the day. We had to go to Target so her mom could buy her her own pack of Pokemon cards.