1. Being alive. Last year I wanted to be dead on Thanksgiving. Overcoming my depression, a car accident and two hospitalizations leading to the diagnosis of a chronic illness later, and I'm still here.
  2. The friendship of the people who matter most to me. I went through a lot this last year. Some people stuck it out, some left when it got too hard for them to be supportive, but most of them came back because what is life if not a constant ebbing and flowing and self-preservation? At the end of the day I'm just glad to feel loved.
  3. The knowledge that I gained this year, especially the lesson that everything changes, that's inevitable, but just because something's changed doesn't mean it won't change again. Either things that suddenly seem foreign can become familiar again, or you yourself can change in ways that help you understand.
  4. My thrift store St. John's sweater that I am currently wearing, because my Uncle Tommy went to St. John's and the only time we saw him was on Thanksgiving and it just feels like a nice way to remember him.
  5. Coming home last night after having a really shitty time, and seeing that someone left me a nice comment on one of my Lists.
  6. The Last Man on Earth. Seriously. I love that show. It's such an important show.