Fears of an American-Asian Going to Asia for the First Time*

*Haven't been since birth. This is real.
  1. How the fuck am I going to survive a 12 hour flight?
    Don't worry it's direct
  2. Food poisoning. All of the food poisoning.
  3. Is the seafood safe to eat?
  4. Not having enough local currency for souvenirs and important things like eating.
  5. People speaking to me assuming I can speak back
  6. Bringing the smallest suitcase but need 2 weeks worth of clothing
    Can I do laundry?
  7. Is the Courtyard Marriott and Hilton Doubletree the same size as the US?
    Don't answer that
  8. Will people automatically know "which type" of Asian I am?
  9. Figuring out the train
  10. Getting lost. Very lost.