Because Cousins.
  1. As the older couples share marriage advice with the newlyweds, Grandpa suddenly calls you out and asks for advice on being single.
  2. Family photos involve 1 tripod, 8 cameras, 4 iPads, 2 iPhones and includes a pictures featuring the thumbs up, the slow wave, and Grandpa in the back row talking loudly on his cell phone.
  3. The annual white elephant gift exchange where all gifts are provided by Grandma - and you find yourself holding a framed picture of your cousin at age 9.
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  4. When your family tradition is singing at dinner, replacing popular lyrics with a "Gobble", and after five minutes you still can't understand what song they are singing (you later learn it was Silver Bells).
  5. The Talent Show after dinner consists of the young, musical cousins playing parts of the Nutcracker on Violin and the older, musical cousins playing country songs on the banjo and you, the even older NONmusical cousin, reading a poem that sucks the air of reverie out the window.