UPDATE: I Accidentally Made A First Date On My Birthday

Gather round friends here be a story of my Seinfeldness adventure. Update to my previous list I Accidentally Made A First Date On My Birthday
  1. Let's start at the beginning...
  2. Last weekend this guy asked me out and I couldn't meet up that weekend
  3. I knew my birthday was the 13th
  4. Just didn't know it was Friday the 13th
    Let's all take a minute to look at that date again
  5. I knew I was going to my friends house on Saturday night for a "Seafood Fest" of sorts
  6. I couldn't meet all week because I was working late every day
  7. So Friday it was.
  8. Then the realization sets in...
  9. @torihyndman is really just concerned about bey
  10. So I went on the date...
  11. The bartender looked at my ID... Said nothing
  12. So with no other segway into my crazyness I went ahead and told this guy it was my birthday...
  13. Kind of gave me a surprised/weird expression and wished me a happy birthday
  14. Then I had to kill him because he knew too much
  15. No but it was fine I just told him I was celebrating the next day and I don't make a big deal about my birthday
  16. Also awkward when I told him about my twin sister...
  17. So not only is it my birthday but it's also my sister's birthday and I'm here on this weird first date looking like an insane person who doesn't celebrate birthdays but is just gonna keep mentioning it...
  18. He was not my type at all so I didn't really care in the end I was just in it for the story at this point
  19. In the meantime @torihyndman was waiting for me at my house the whole time I'm on this date
  20. She gave me a cute little heads up while I was headed home..
  21. So all in all...weird birthday