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  1. Red cedar
  2. Bleach
  3. The Body Shop's Indian Gardenia
    The first fragrance I fell in love with. You simply don't forget your first love.
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  1. The List App is like Tumblr but for those who love lists
  2. Lists make everything easier to read
  3. You're either a fan of The Office or Mindy Kaling, or simply B. J. Novak
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  1. Hahahahahahaha...no.
  1. Fountains of Wayne
  2. Britney Spears
  3. The Beach Boys
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  1. Blogilates by Cassie Ho on YouTube
  2. Working like a maniac at my casual kitchen job
  3. Hydration is everything
    3 to 4 litres of water everyday
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  1. Just because your daughter refuses to eat other food, don't just give her candies at 10 in the morning.
    She knows you'll break if she threatens that she'd rather starve herself than eat breakfast like a normal person. Parents, be strong. Let her get hungry enough, she will eventually give up and eat whatever is being served.
  2. Don't coddle one kid because they're being difficult, and be harder on another one just because they're more obedient and will listen to you.
  3. Diet is everything.
    It doesn't matter if your kids' grades suck, as long as they are getting in adequate nutrients in their diet. Health over everything else.
  4. Don't feed them dinner at 9pm just because it's the weekend.
    Going to bed at 11pm, just because they don't have school the next day is a bad idea. First of all, they need to rest properly to grow. Secondly, you're totally messing up their sleep cycles. No wonder they have such a hard time waking up for school on weekdays.
  1. Not procrastinating.
    On anything and everything related to my degree.
  2. Taxes.
    I can't even elaborate on this one without making a fool out of myself.
  3. Not resorting to last minute cramming before an exam.
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  1. Curse like a sailor fucking a nymph.
  2. Watch any Marvel films. Not even Guardians of the Galaxy. No, it's not okay just because it has a CGI raccoon in it.
  3. Give them a long-winded lecture on inequity of gender norm dichotomy.
    Try not to use words like "inequity" and "dichotomy" either.
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  1. Dr Edric Baker
  2. Cristina Yang
  3. Tina Fey
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Just like the Ellis sisters #ellisislandrevamped
  1. Costumes preferred
  2. Waffles and meat lovers pizza
    Vegan options available
  3. Whipped cream and wheels of cheese
    More food Leslie and Liz would approve of (vegan options are a must)
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