If Supernatural characters were Grey's anatomy characters.
  1. Dean Winchester = Alex Karev
    Both have terrible daddy issues. Had to take care of their mum and siblings from a very young age. Act like a total douche because they don't know how to emotion like grown ups. Both are incredibly cute with babies. Both had issues with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character in their respective show, aka John Winchester in Supernatural, and Denny Duquette in Grey's Anatomy.
  2. John Winchester = Denny Duquette
    For obvious reasons. But think about it, Sam and Dean zapped over to the Grey's universe (sound familiar?), but it's not a tv show, it's real life. Each Grey's character is replaced by the corresponding Supernatural character. Dean is in love with his colleague (Izzie), who is in love with her patient who is Dean's dad (Denny Duquette = John Winchester). So much drama.
  3. Abaddon = Addison Montgomery
    Both incredibly hot with awesome red hair.
  4. Crowley = Mark Sloan
    An incredibly, incredibly hot Crowley. I'd have loved it if Mark made a deal with Crowley to save Lexie or something stupid like that, and after 10 years, instead to taking Mark's soul, Crowley makes him an offer to let him use his meat suit. SUPER STEAMY KING OF HELL.
  5. Jessica Moore = Izzie Stevens
    So really, Dean/Alex is in love with his brother's girlfriend Jess/Izzie, who in tern is in love with John/Denny, who is a dying patient of hers and her boyfriend and Dean/Alex's dad. Seriously, guys, seriously.
  6. Chuck Shurley = Miranda Bailey
    Because Bailey is god, and basically spiritually above everyone else in the hospital.