Been doing this for about 2 weeks now, and it's really changed so much about my writing process. Thought I'd share in case it helps anyone else.
  1. Every morning for the past two weeks, I've forced myself to hit my word count while I sit with my AM coffee. ☕️
  2. In the past, this time has always been reserved for dicking around on the web. Exclusively.
  3. Which is great, brainless fun.
  4. But not particularly productive.
    (Okay, not productive at all.)
  5. From there, I usually workout, eat breakfast, blah, blah, blah, and tell myself I'll start writing at 10:30, which becomes 11, which sometimes slips to 11:30.
  6. By the time I've hit 11:30, I'm dreading - DREADING - opening up my manuscript and have come up with a billion other things I need to be doing.
    Like, now. I need to be doing all of those other things NOW.
  7. Like, it takes every cell in my body to click on Microsoft Word.
  8. But I'm working on a new book that I'm really excited about. And I've also been super-busy with other work, so the only time I knew I could commit to the new book was first thing in the morning.
  9. And I'm telling you - this "get it done before my brain can tell me how much I hate writing" - is a revelation.
  10. I know that sounds weird - that I hate writing - but I think most writers will tell you (admit?) that their least favorite part of writing is writing.
  11. Our favorite part being that we have written. So the passive version of writing, not the active form.
  12. Anyhoo, if I get to my word count first thing, my brain hasn't quite caught up with the fact that I'm already way ahead of all my excuses as to why I shouldn't be writing.
  13. And suddenly, by 9AM, I've hit my word count, and I'm totally free for the day!
  15. I think this is like when a coach tells someone who hates exercising to do it first thing so you can't talk yourself out of it.
  16. It's not like all those ridiculous websites I have to surf at 8AM aren't still just as ridiculous at 9AM.
  17. (I mean, does DListed really break news so often that I can't give it up for an hour?)
  18. Anyway, I just thought...well, maybe this will help someone else out, if I share this, if I post this.
  19. It turns out that doing something right away that you usually procrastinate makes it less daunting.
  20. Which means I'm more psyched to return to the manuscript later in the day. 💻
  21. But even if I don't, I've already written my 1500 words.
  22. And now I can go back to bed. 😴
  23. Or post more lists!
  24. Or any damn thing I want because I'm done! 🙌🏻