1. I've been thinking a lot this past week about the man who let me merge into his lane in rush hour a few weeks ago
    I wrote a list about it: he saved my afternoon with his simple act of kindness
  2. And how that entire evening on my commute home, I tried to do the same for other drivers
    Because maybe they had somewhere important to be like I did
  3. And then last week in Paris happened, and well, I think we can all agree it's been a pretty bleak time in the world
  4. So I thought about that man some more
    I'm not sure why he stuck with me so much. Maybe because it's so easy to be a dick - especially on the road when you're anonymous- and he was not
  5. And I decided to try something these past few days
  6. When I can, I try to pay whomever I am talking to a compliment
  7. Like yesterday, the woman at my hair place: how much I loved her hair
    She lit up. And her hair was indeed beautiful.
  8. Or after yoga, instead of a simple "thank you," a genuine mention of how much better my instructor's class made me feel
  9. I try not to be pervy about it
  10. Like, the cashier at Whole Foods had a great smile but I didn't want to make him uncomfortable, so I told him I loved his attitude
    He had a very good attitude! He asked me about the chicken roll I'd bought because he thought it looked delish
  11. And I don't think what I'm doing is, like, revelatory
  12. But I think, and this goes back to that man on the freeway, that these small compliments, might really shift someone's day
  13. I know that small, genuine compliments certainly brighten my mood
  14. And they also do something else:
  15. They make ME feel better
  16. Because there is really nothing better than spreading kindness
  17. Duh
  18. We are told this over and over again
  19. But now, we're always staring at our phones or scrolling on our screens, and sometimes, we (and by we, I mean I) forget to look up and look around
  20. Because the world CAN be bleak but people have great smiles and fabulous hair and they should know it!
  21. And maybe they'll have a spring in their step when they leave work or help the next customer, and pay that next person a compliment
  22. And then, slowly, the world grows less bleak
  23. There are still screaming headlines on CNN of course, and you should always be polite and say "thank you" regardless
  24. But I'm gonna keep up my experiment until, hopefully, it becomes habit. Because why not?
  25. Btw, you ListApp-ers are wise and insightful and brighten my day. 😉
  26. Pass it on! 😘