I usually have an easy time nailing a title: mostly, I use song titles. But nothing has been right for this next one, about a group of estranged college friends who reluctantly reunite 20 yrs later at their old school. I need a title by Monday. Help. Why do these all suck so bad?
  1. This Must Be the Place
    The original title back when the book was supposed to center around an old house. The book is no longer about an old house.
  2. Live Like We're Young
    Sounds too much like a One Direction song or a Jack Nicholson-Morgan Freeman hijinks adventure.
  3. A Matter of Time
    Eh. It's a Killers song, which makes me like it but it's really not evocative in any way.
  4. When We Were Young
  5. Back Then
    Kind of bland like oatmeal. I liked it for a while because it reminds me of One Day.
  6. Who We Used To Be
    The current working title. Culled from a Joan Didion quote. But none of us think it is quite right.
  7. We Used To Be Friends
    The Dandy Warhols song. Thought it worked well until I realized that it didn't.
  8. I give up.
    That's not the name of the book, rather my current state of mind. I would normally never open this up publicly but I am at a loss. If you, collective geniuses of the List, have a suggestion based on your sheer creativity, I am open! I promise to thank you in the acknowledgments and here on The List app too! (I know. That's not worth a whole hell of a lot but I'm desperate. Did I mention the manuscript is going out on Monday?)