1. Thank you
  2. I didn't realize I was in a freeway on-ramp lane because the signage was a mess
  3. I was certain no one would let me move over, and I'd have to be humiliated by blocking the lane for angry rush hour commuters
  4. I put my blinker on and prayed
  5. And miraculously, right away, you waved me in
  6. I gave you about seven overzealous waves back and shouted "thank you!" many times even though you couldn't hear me
  7. Because I was going to be late to my kid's game if I had been forced to get on the freeway
  8. And as parents know, you can't be late for a game
  9. So you not only brightened my day, you brightened my kid's
  10. And because of that, I let everyone into my lane on the way home
  11. Because I realized that maybe they had somewhere to be that mattered
  12. And that maybe this simple favor, which I just as easily could have spurned, would get them to their own kid or to their work time stamp or wherever, a little happier
  13. And then maybe they'd be cheerier for a customer or have more patience with their family
  14. And it seemed so simple to think about it like this
  15. So thanks dude in the white pick-up truck who saved me from the 405. You paid it forward. I tried to do the same.