1. As the Democrats stage a filibuster?
  2. Throwing up their hands and throwing down, period, and saying: enough!
  3. Please go tweet your support.
  4. Specifically to Chris Murphy (@chrismurphyct) and his peers
  5. They are also getting hateful calls and tweets, so it's important we stand united with them
  6. He is a hero
  7. He is refusing to yield the floor until there is change
  8. I called his office to show support and started weeping
    His number is 202-224-4041. Or call your local Senator and URGE them to join in!
  9. Let's do this.
  10. Now.
  11. Everyone get on board.
  12. Because we had enough years ago but now might finally be the time for change.
  13. (Seriously, please call or tweet or whatever to keep these guys going.)
  14. ETA: via @mmthompson and Twitter : call 1-855-331-8593 and listen to the message from the Brady Campaign, and then you will be connected to your local Senator's office. Tell them "I support the filibuster." They are tracking how many calls come in.