Over the years, I've interviewed I dunno, somewhere in the mid-hundreds of celebs. They are almost always on good behavior, so I don't have many juicy stories to share (and the few that I do, I can't share here!). But here are a few favorites.
  1. Steve Carell
    For a cover story on Dan in Real Life. He was obviously a star from The Office but was breaking in as a leading man. All these yrs later, he remains the kindest, nicest interview I’ve ever done. I remember telling him that I felt protective of him in this role – and immediately feeling dumb for saying so, and he laughed the biggest laugh and made me feel less dumb for my off-the-cuff comment. We were slated for 30 mins and he gave me much longer, and then apologized when he finally had to go. ❤️
  2. Michael Vartan
    Well, let’s be clear: I went into this with a full-blown Michael Vaughn crush. But oh, did Vartan validate it. He was one of the most candid celebs I’ve ever spoken with: we talked about his ambivalence with acting, his take on celebrity entitlement, his love of dogs…like Carell, we spoke way past our allocated time, to the point where I made up an excuse to get off the phone because I worried he would think I was, like, a stalker. In fact, after this interview, I kinda considered myself one.
  3. Connie Britton
    I mean, we all know that she must be an awesome interview because we all basically want to marry her, right? I’ve been lucky enough to interview her twice – once with Coach Taylor, erm, Kyle Chandler, once solo for Nashville. When talking to the 2 of them, you feel like you're in their living room in Dillon. She is as warm, open and quick-thinking as you’d expect. Seriously, all you want to do after the interview is become her best friend. That seems like a reasonable goal, yes?
  4. Paul Rudd
    I wasn't sure how this one would go bc he rescheduled at the last minute but once we connected, he was exactly what you’d expect from Paul Rudd. I told him that I’d read that he’d named his fantasy football team the Annika Pergaments, after the NY1 anchor, and that Annika was one of my best friends. He flipped out. This launched us into an amazing discussion about his obsession with NY1, and then off on so many tangents that when I listened back, I had barely asked any relevant questions. Oops.
  5. Keri Russell
    Akin to Connie, Keri was balls-out awesome. She makes your job easy, and her laugh should be bottled for medicinal use. She tells it like it is, swears with the best of them (something I deeply admire) and again, makes you wanna split a BFF necklace with her, just to solidify your friendship.
  6. A few more awesome interviews:
  7. Leslie Mann
    You’ll see the theme here: Leslie was open and candid, and we discussed motherhood and marriage and crappy co-star behavior, and never once did I feel like she was putting on a front or putting up any walls. Like some of the above, our discussion went on way longer than anticipated, and she finally realized she was late to get one of her kids at school. Like any harried mom. :) I actually worked out next to her at Soul Cycle recently but didn’t want to bother her. Still, i hearted her from afar.
  8. Matt Bomer
    So good looking you don't know where to put your eyes. Seriously. Holy shit. Also, intelligent, prepared and charming as HELL.
  9. Actually, I feel like this list could go on forever, so I should just stop before I leave someone out who really made my job easy and rocked my world. So i'll close with this:
  10. Honorable mention:
    I wrote cover pieces on both Mila Kunis and Jaime Pressly years ago. It’s rare to hear from a subject after your piece goes to press, other than maybe a quick Twitter exchange, (it’s work after all, and that’s cool), but Mila’s rep reached out to let me know how much she loved the article, and Jaime sent me flowers. I’ll always think of them with special shiny stars for going the extra mile when they didn’t have to.
  11. A few other random things:
  12. I was moving to LA, so Scott Foley emailed me his real estate agent's info.
  13. I wrote a cover piece on Brooke Shields, who was thoughtful and open and intelligent, but also so honest and frank, I worried her publicist wouldn't let me use half of it. (They did, and I give Brooke props for telling it like it is. I really have a deep admiration for her.)
  14. Scott Speedman, God bless him, asked me if he could put the phone down and then scrambled around his house looking for something for a few minutes. :) I love you, Ben Covington!
  15. Molly Sims (lovely) arrived at dinner reading a book by one of my good friends. That was an easy interview!
  16. Josh Holloway gave me some restaurant suggestions for Santa Barbara, where we were about to vacation...and then I ran into him at one of them. I was mortified: I worried he thought I was stalking him. :)
  17. I challenged David Cook, hot off his American Idol win, to a Words with Friends game with my editor, all as a ruse to set him up with her bc she had a crush on him. He did it, and I donated my article fee to his cancer charity. (They, sadly, did not fall in love.)