1. The Price is Right
    I was obsessed. I even wrote a plot about going on the show into my first book. Bob Barker ruled. Plinko was the best game to get, obvs.
  2. Family Feud
    Richard Dawson and his lecherous hands and misogynistic comments forever, baby.
  3. $25,000 Pyramid
    I loved feeling smug and superior, even at 10, to the idiots who couldn't get the category right. I remember watching this one primarily when I was home sick.
  4. Press Your Luck
    No whammies! Actually, I feel like this one was hard to find on the dial but I really liked it when I watched it.
  5. Love Connection
    Chuck Woolery! Incredible awkwardness! Disappointment at your pick! What wasn't to love?
  6. Hollywood Squares
    I was there for the random c-listers. I loved them waving in the opening credits.
  7. Wheel of Fortune
    See my feelings about $25,000 Pyramid.