I feel like this list could be highly controversial. If you want to fight me, please meet me in the alley behind Applebee's.
  1. Tami Taylor
    One of the best female characters ever: smart and compassionate and wise (which is different than smart) and patient and bless her heart, can she slay you with her charming passive aggressive judgment. 🍷
  2. Tim Riggins
    He breaks rally girls' hearts and is a fucking drunken screw-up but underneath that (gorgeous) hardened exterior is a semi-tarnished heart of gold, and his brand of broken is totes my weakness and thus I WILL LOVE HIM FOREVER. 🍻
  3. Eric Taylor
    I am a slight woman in my early 40s with a fear of concussions, and Coach Taylor makes me lament that I did not play Texas football. His mentorship is unsurpassed, and his locker room speech in episode 1, season 1 (among many others) is the stuff of greatness. 🏈
  4. Landry Clarke
    The slyest, funniest one around. (Let's pretend, much like the show did, that the whole rape-murder plotline never happened and instead just say: Crucifictorious, forever!) 🎸
  5. Matt Sarecen
    Listen, I know that Saracen fans will say that he's yards better (see what I did there with that metaphor) than Riggins, and I acknowledge that our wee Matt who becomes a man is pretty awesome, what with the fumbling romantic gestures for Julie and caring for Grandma and telling Coach that he's ready to be QB1, but Riggs is always my top dude. Then again, though I at times found him a little drippy, Saracen probably isn't currently incarcerated, so...he wins at life. 🏆
  6. Billy Riggins
    I mean, a complete nightmare to anyone dating him or related to him, but he's such a buffoon - and a well-intentioned small-time criminal (not quite an oxymoron) - that I love him.
  7. Tyra Collette
    God, was this girl a pain in the ass at times, but I could FEEL her, you know? Tough but tender, bitchy but ballsy, willing to try harder when Tami called her on her shit. She wasn't always easy to root for, but I did anyway.
  8. Lyla Garrity
    Lyla became interesting to me when she started getting angry, when she started sleeping with Riggins (again), when she started fucking up. I think that's what the writers had in mind, and if so, it worked. Part of me really did want to see her and Riggs live happily ever after, but we all know they'd be on a televised episode of Divorce Court five years in, so it's probably for the best.
  9. Jason Street
    I know that Six is the stuff of legends on the field, but as a character, at least after season one, I struggled to warm to him. That said, he gutted me in season one, and the writers did right by him by allowing him to find a life outside the lights of Dillon, Texas.
  10. Buddy Garrity
    Ranked this low strictly for his moral compass. In terms of entertainment value, he's aces.
  11. Smash Williams
    I just never got behind his breed of ego. The doping situation didn't help, though I truly did love him at the Alamo Freeze. Now...Mama Williams: I could watch an entire spin-off with her alone. 🍦
  12. Julie Taylor
    Ugh. 😬🔫