1. Never learned how to balance his checkbook
    Admittedly, this is a PIA. I feel you, Kanye.
  2. No one ever had the "pay off your credit cards each month" chat with him
  3. Didn't sign up with Chase online banking
    From the commercials, it seems like they legit help you keep it straight
  4. Didn't realize that AmEx Black Card purchases aren't free
  5. Used that home mortgage app advertised during the Super Bowl to purchase all his homes
  6. Couldn't stop buying Candy Crush lives
  7. Never introduced to electronic bill paying
    Perhaps for the common folk but come on, Kanye, it works
  8. Such a genius that he's enrolled at 102 universities and this is just all student debt
  9. Blew it all on the Bill Cosby Defense Fund
  10. Huge car payments on his leased Bentleys
  11. Too many solid gold toilet seats
  12. Spending limits are for poor people
  13. ^^^^ My (well-managed) money is on this one