1. I was told after 11/8, to calm down
  2. To give it some time
  3. To not finger-point and hold people accountable and call them all terrible things
  4. I tried
  5. But I think that I am angrier today than the morning after
  6. To be clear, I was distraught the morning after
  7. This is not an attack on the GOP
  8. I have many friends and family who align with the Rs most years
  9. I have never been one to take political sides, to place my admiration or trust in one party alone
  10. (Registered Independent here)
  11. But I am so, so angry
  12. At the infringement on first amendment rights
  13. At the infringement on human rights
  14. On the infringement on science
  15. And immigrants
  16. And women's health
  17. And my fucking mental health, which has always been wholly sane but now who knows?
  18. And on the truth.
  19. The fucking truth! This is the bar I have set now. Just the truth please.
  20. And so, though it is hard to make me angry, I am.
  21. Time didn't make me less so. It made me more so.
  22. At all the people who said not to believe his rhetoric
  23. At all the people who had the luxury not to vote for him, but did anyway
  24. I am struggling to recalibrate my view of these people, to align their tacit passivity with what I thought of them
  25. And though I have never, ever taken politics personally, this is personal
  26. So. I dunno.
  27. I guess I just wanted to say that if you are still angry, or angrier, I am too.
  28. That's just how it's gonna be now, I suppose.
  29. Maybe that's important too.
  30. ✌🏻