Just want to be sure that I'm keeping up.
  1. Dislikes: Immigrants
  2. Dislikes: Mexicans
  3. Dislikes: Paying small businesses he doesn't feel like paying
  4. Dislikes: Successful women
  5. Dislikes: Muslims
    (Donald, I think we can all agree that we dislike terrorism, ok? There is indeed a difference here.)
  6. Dislikes: being told to replace that Star of David with a circle
    It was a Sheriff's badge, y'all!!
  7. Dislikes: Hillary
    Except when he invited her to his wedding?
  8. Dislikes: Megyn Kelly and Megyn Kelly's menstrual cycle
    Filed under: things I wish I hadn't just typed
  9. Dislikes: The Washington Post
  10. But let's not just go negative
  11. Likes: taco bowls
    Credit to the hilarious person in my twitter feed who wrote that to me
  12. Likes: plagarism
    (See how I did that above, Donald? Gave credit.)
  13. Likes: his daughter's figure
    (Excuse me while I throw up now.)
  14. Likes Duck Dynasty and old General Hospital re-runs
  15. Likes: solid gold chairs and bankruptcy
  16. Likes: walls
  17. Likes: Russian hackers
  18. Am I close?