Brought to you via the brain of a writer
  1. This woman must no have any idea what she is talking about
  2. How is she employed as an editor?
  3. Seriously, who hired her?
  4. This needs a million more drafts.
  5. Maybe two million.
  6. Fine, I will look at her notes.
  7. Hmmm, she put a bunch of hearts and smiley faces by passages that actually are pretty good
  8. Hmmm, she wrote LOVE by some other passages that okay, I kind of love.
  9. Still though. It cannot be DONE.
  10. That means other people will be reading it soon. That means it will be published soon.
  11. Which is horrifying.
  12. Because it needs a million more drafts.
  13. But if I have to revise it a million more times, I will go insane.
  14. Also, her hearts and smiley faces make me feel like I have hearts and smiley faces for it too.
  15. So maybe the book is done.
  16. The hitch being that for a writer, a book is never done.
  17. So maybe is is done enough: cooked well enough that no one will get food poisoning.
  18. Okay, I think, as I finish her notes, we can send this out to the world.
  19. And then I realize that I have to start another one that is due in 11 months.
  20. And I don't even have a new idea for it.
  21. Shit.
  22. And maybe I'd actually prefer to revise this one a million more times.