1. I was asked this recently: what's your favorite part of your body?
  2. Forgetting whether or not (when you think about it), it's the most gracious question
  3. I didn't mind answering it because I'm easy like that and trust that people usually have the best of intentions and aren't trying to be weird or sexist or whatever
    Men could easily be asked this too, though unless it's for a Men's Health interview, are they? I don't know.
  4. So I answered: my shoulders.
  5. I do really like my shoulders! I do a lot of yoga, and I like the lines my shoulders cut in a tank top.
    I hope I'm allowed to say that without sounding like an egotistical yoga-going ass.
  6. But then I started thinking about it...
  7. My shoulders are actually my least favorite body part too
  8. I have chronic shoulder pain - actually the reason I started yoga in the first place- and I am always aware of the dull ache on both sides of my upper back
  9. Massage therapists - I have seen many- usually tell me that my shoulders are among the worst they have seen.
  10. And then I REALLY started thinking about it: how I could so blithely rattle off something as "my favorite" based on aesthetics, when actually, though they may look good, I hate them!
  11. And it would be easy to point outward at society and say ha! This is your fault! Because of all the models and pretty women and emphasis on beauty, blah, blah, blah.
  12. But it's my fault. It was my mistake, my knee-jerk answer. I know better.
  13. I should have said that my favorite body part is my brain.
  14. Or my heart.
  15. Or my leg that I broke last year and was grueling to rehab but I did it.
  16. Or my uterus.
    Which carried both my children.
  17. I may love how my shoulders look but that is such a stupid reason for loving something, isn't it?
  18. Maybe it's not stupid: we are allowed to take pride in our bodies.
    We are. 100%.
  19. But if I could go back and re-answer, I have a list of things I am much prouder of.
  20. It's a life lesson, one that, I think particularly as a woman, I am still learning.
  21. It is something I am careful and proud to teach my daughter too: that her outsides are inconsequential to her insides.
    She is beautiful as all get out, but I never mention that. Instead tell her that she is strong (she is), she is brave (she is), she is smart (that too).
  22. I guess I need that reminder now and again.
  23. My shoulders hurt as I'm typing this.
  24. So my brain. For sure. I choose my brain.