1. 😴
    Slept until 8:00! Aided by some hardcore melatonin which gave me insane dreams. Who cares? Slept until 8:00!
  2. ☕️
    9yo brought me breakfast in bed: M&M pancakes which she made. Knowing that I really don't eat much breakfast, she got into bed with me and ate them herself which is so her, I laughed the whole time.
  3. 🎙🎧
    Walked to the farmer's market and listened to a podcast with Julia Louis-Dreyfus whom I'm prepared to marry.
  4. Related: there really should be a Julia Louis-Dreyfus emoji. ❤️🙌🏻
  5. 🐶
    Sat outside on our patio with our dogs playing Candy Crush while my kids miraculously kept to their word and didn't argue once.
  6. 🙏
  7. 🍚
    Husband took the kids out for Korean bbq. I did yoga.
  8. 🙌🏻
    Husband took the kids to see Captain America. I got a massage.
  9. 🍕🌮
    Everyone picked up dinner by the movie theater, so there was no disagreeing, and I didn't have to cook!
  10. 🎉
  11. 😴
    Kids agreeably went to bed early because they both want to do well on tomorrow's ERBs. 😇
  12. 🖥
    Now I am catching up on The Grinder and awaiting VEEP, so I can fall in love with JLD all over again.
  13. 🖕
    If you think this list makes me sound like a smug asshole, please know that as we Jews say: why was today unlike every other day? And the answer is all of the above.