I am a really amiable, positive person. So if you've made this list, you're the worst.
  1. Drivers who text.
    My God, you KNOW it is super-dangerous. You KNOW it kills people, and yet you - you asshole- still do it. What? Do you think you are somehow a better driver, immune to the statistics? You're NOT. You truly are the worst.
  2. People who need more than, say, three sentences to describe a photo on Instagram.
    The photo itself is supposed to be evocative. I don't need a 500 word graph explaining why it is and therefore how deep you are.
  3. People who use social media as a political rant platform.
    This applies to both sides of the aisle. Your diatribes or endless snarky RTs will not change anyone's mind. You are shouting into an echo chamber. Stop. (I realize this is only going to get worse as the election season heats up. Please, before I have to unfollow you, get a grip on it) Positive, affirming political posts are...okay. It's the angry, nasty ones which get you unfollowed.
  4. People who snark endlessly on Taylor Swift.
    A polarizing opinion, I know. Stay with me. I have an 8yo daughter who is REALLY into music. I pretty much give her free rein to listen to nearly anything but there are few artists who are better role models than TS. We've seen her live twice, & she works super-hard for her audience, imparts a powerful message about sense of self, writes her own music, & is kind and generous to her fans. I do not give one crap about her fake relationships with Harry Styles. More artists should follow her lead.
  5. Selfie-takers.
    Unless, say, you have broken into the White House and need proof that you are inside the Oval Office or have just played Wembley Stadium or even run a marathon, I don't need to see a close up of your face/blow-out which you are posting for the sole reason of having people tell you that you're gorgeous. No one is saying this but we are judging you.
  6. PR people who add me to their mailing lists.
  7. My next door neighbor.
    A specific hatred, I know. But she is mean and invasive and sends us horrible emails when we have done nothing wrong. I cross the street when I see her. Other people on our street have told us to ignore her, but as a generally kind person who likes to get along with others, I struggle. I literally hope every day that they will move out soon.
  8. My contractor.
    Don't ask.
  9. Anti-vaxxers.
    If you disagree with me, please go be friends with Jenny McCarthy. There is no hope for us.