1. I read an article on CNN this week that had images of alleged proof of life on Mars
    And you know what? I TOTALLY saw the iguana and abandoned helmet too!!
  2. I recently watched Top Gun again and remain as attracted to Maverick as I was in the 7th grade
    He probably even could have convinced me to be his wife maybe through the Jerry Maguire years. No couch-jumping required!
  3. I often say things to my kids like: "Are we CLEAR?" "Are you CLEAR?"
    Sadly, I am often not clear but I think that is what Hubbard believes I can be!
  4. Sometimes I am so tired that I wish I could will the TV remote to move closer, just by using my mind
    This usually doesn't work but I have never been e-metered, so maybe I could improve. Of course, I have to get to, like, level one billion
  5. I willingly pay Candy Crush to move up each level and unlock unknown doors, even though I know that it can't be good for me
    Maybe I am more religious than I thought?
  6. I think Xenu would make an awesome name for a dog