I try to avoid political posts. I am a centrist who tries to be thoughtful about publicly choosing sides. I also imagine that I am shouting to (mostly) an echo chamber here on li.st. That said, I read this affidavit and it nearly stopped my heart. It is too important not to share.
  1. As some of you may know, though the media has not given this a lot of play, Donald Trump is set for a civil trial in December for charges of raping a 13yo.
  2. I am writing this to appeal to any remaining Republicans who are voting for him.
  3. Please know that I have GOP friends whom I consider decent and just and morally-true.
  4. Please know that if you are reading this, I believe all these things about you.
  5. So I am appealing to your sense of humanity now.
  6. In this affidavit, the witness testifies that DT was informed that his victim was 13yo.
  7. He was informed of this, and yet opted to have sex with her anyway.
  8. At least once, the witness saw him forcibly raping her, despite her protests to stop.
  9. The witness saw him forcing her and a 12yo girl into performing oral sex.
  10. The witness saw and heard him threaten these girls that he would kill them and have their families killed if they told anyone.
  11. Let's be very clear about this once more time: He knew that he was having sex with a child and continued doing so anyway.
  12. My decent and just and moral GOP friends: please, read this again. Please look at your own children, many of whom are about this age, and tell me how you would feel if a 40-something man had sex with her.
  13. It is a terrible question to ask yourself, a terrible mental exercise.
  14. But do it. Do not look away, do not scroll down. Ask yourself: what would I do if a grown man forced himself on my child?
  15. Then ask yourself: what sort of message would this send my daughter if I endorsed such a man?
  16. And ask yourself: what sort of message would it send my son if I looked the other way toward child rape?
  17. What sort of message, what sort of lines are you willing to cross for your party?
  18. I know many of you hate the sight of Hillary's face, the sound of her voice.
  19. So tell me: which do you hate more? The sound of her voice or the act of child rape?
  20. I'm not asking this to be hysterical. I am the opposite of politically-hysterical. I vote both sides of the aisle; I don't not blindly pull a metaphorical lever.
  21. If you opt to ignore the fact that you are endorsing a child rapist, I don't know where we go from here.
  22. I don't know how you come back from that line.
  23. So I am begging you: please take another look at your child and have your reckoning.
  24. If you still endorse him, give him your vote, I fear that we are too far gone to come back from this. I believe that we aren't that far gone yet, that we, as a country, can do better, will be better.
  25. Go vote. For your children. For that 13yo. She wasn't your daughter, but she could have been.