1. Best girls' night out ever.
  2. I first found the Dixie Chicks 20 years ago while I was living in Dallas.
  3. I'd moved there for a doomed relationship with a boy.
  4. It was a period in my life marked by not making the smartest choices.
  5. That's ok, of course. That's what your early 20s are for.
  6. Anyway, I was a little bit lost in my life. No, not my life. In my heart.
  7. I still had my life, and it was vibrant and full of possibility.
  8. And I heard the Dixie Chicks who sang with such guts and also with vibrance and possibility.
  9. And I drove out of Texas with a broken heart but with Natalie Maines' voice echoing from my car CD player.
  10. And it gave me new hope, new optimism. That, well, I might find my Wide Open Spaces where I had room to make my big mistakes.
  11. I know it's cheesy.
  12. But sometimes, you need to hear this, especially in your 20s when your heart's been busted open.
  13. Anyway, the DC's have been with me for two decades now, and I never thought I'd get to see them play live.
  14. I have endured bumps and bruises and triumphs and happiness, and The Long Way Around feels like it was written just for me.
  15. So last night at the Hollywood Bowl, I wept a little, and I sang my fucking heart out.
  16. And so did they.
  17. They were the embodiment of girl power before it was a movement. They were fearless before we really realized how much we, as women, had to lose.
  18. I'm grateful to them, for their music, for their refusal to live their lives in any other way than they see fit.
  19. I'm so glad I got to celebrate this spirit last night. Every woman - every human - in this country deserves just that. It's never been more clear than now.