I am so worn down from all of the dissent and hate that I'm trying to rejigger my thinking and be optimistic these days. Here are some genuinely positive things that have emerged amid this nightmare.
  1. The Resurgence of Excellent Reporting
    A huge bravo to the Washington Post and New York Times for their truly outstanding research and coverage of the nitty-gritty of this campaign. The Post is doing heroic work and deserves the Pulitzer, and at a time when many in the public are skeptical of the media, they are doing truly exemplary work.
  2. The awareness of misogyny by men
    There has been an incredibly helpful and open discussion across all forums - online, family, marital, parental - about many of the latent ways that women are discriminated against. Many good - very good - men weren't/aren't aware of their subtle biases. I've had to point things out to my (very good) husband & have spoken at length to my son. All of this will help foster a better world. I believe it.
  3. The awareness of misogyny by women
    Listen. We're ALL aware of the biases we're up against. But at the same time, many of us (myself included) have grown so used to the subtle misogyny that this campaign has been like a lightbulb going off. I'm so much more aware of all the times I've been talked down to or had a man attempt to make me feel "less than," and I feel (and I know other women agree) that I am growing more powerful with each passing day of this discussion.
  4. The Opportunity for Women to Take Back Their Sexual Assualt
    Giving voice to their pain and shame and uniting with others to say: NO MORE
  5. The discovery of great lighthearted TV
    I can't take anything stressful anymore. I've turned to sitcoms to lighten my load - just burned through a rewatch of 30 Rock - and am currently loving The Good Place. There is something to be said for 22 minutes of pure enjoyment.
  6. The demise of the (current) GOP
    Let me say clearly: I'm a registered Independent, and I believe in a balanced government. But the recent GOP party has become a terrifying union of dangerous Sean Hannity, scary evangelicalism and hypocrisy, and all of this has been exposed. I'm all for them burning it down and rebuilding it into a party that represents people who believe in small govt and reduced spending.
  7. SNL got good again!
  8. The first woman President!
    She is not unflawed but to persevere amid the decades of bias is triumphant. Girl Boss!