1. They are all terrible.
  2. No really, they all suck.
  3. It's ok. They're meant to.
  4. It's easy to get stuck and/or paralyzed because you think what you're putting down isn't good enough.
  5. But you have to let go of this inner-critic or else really, you won't even finish the draft.
  6. And if you don't write it, the page remains blank.
  7. And if the page remains blank, you will never write that book.
  8. A good friend once said that a first draft is like a skeleton: you're just trying to build the framework.
  9. The second draft is when you throw half that stuff out and things get juicy.
  10. I go through at least seven drafts of a book, and that doesn't even include all the rewriting as I go.
  11. My first drafts are so far from what ends up as the finished book, it's kinda horrifying.
  12. (Horrifying if anyone were to read them, that is.)
  13. I'm 200 pages into a first draft, and I remind myself of all of the above every day.
  14. Don't not write because it's not perfect.
  15. It is SO much easier to rewrite, so promise yourself that you will get everything on the page without judgment.
  16. That's the truth about first drafts: they are the hardest part and the suckiest writing. You can only go up from there.