1. That you renamed a very important character halfway through without realizing it
  2. That, while writing in reverse chronological order (because: a challenge, yay!), you inadvertently wrote two chapters for 2012
  3. Which screws up the entire timeline for the next 150 pages
  4. Hurrah!
  5. That you use the word "probably" at least 100,000 times, totaling more than your entire word count
  6. That you never met a bad metaphor you didn't want to use, i.e. "stunk like garbage in New York in August"
  7. That ages of children are apparently fluid
  8. That there is probably a reason some writers outline
  9. That your reasons for not outlining appear fuzzy at the moment
  10. That it can only get better from here
  11. 🍻🍻🍻