Some inspiration for those of you who thought it might get easier...
  1. I'm waist-deep into the third draft of my seventh novel
  2. Let's rewind
  3. I wrote the first draft and thought it was a-mah-zing
  4. Fired it off to my agent, editor and first reader
  5. Uh.
  6. Not a-mah-zing. Not even amazing.
  7. Rewrote about 75% of it.
  8. Thought it was much better. Almost close to brilliant.
  9. Fired it off to my agent and editor. (Spared my first reader who was giving birth to a child, which is actually more difficult than writing a book.)
  10. It...was less than brilliant.
  11. Am now in the middle of rewriting probably about 65% of it.
  12. It is better. It might even be close to good.
  13. But it is arduous and exhausting, and I have to talk myself into it every day.
  14. I love daydreaming about my characters and getting lost in their lives.
  15. The actual writing, not so much.
  16. When I file this third draft, I'm guessing I will probably have only about 5-10% of what I'd gotten down on paper in the book's first incarnation
  17. This is, unequivocally, the most ambitious book I've ever written
  18. My editor suggested an easier way out
  19. But fuck that
  20. Writing isn't always supposed to be easy
  21. I mean...I would definitely have preferred not to have rewritten 90% of this book
  22. But I always tell aspiring writers that the revision process is the most critical part
  23. You either give yourself over to it
  24. Or you write a lesser book
  25. How can the latter even be an option?
  26. So back to it I go.
  27. (I mostly wrote this list so I could procrastinate my agony.)