I am in until I am out. Tell me which of these I need to finish. (this is a follow-up to the TV series I have seen every episode of. What can I say? I watch a lot of TV.)
  1. ER
    Too many seasons. I think I stopped around when Goose died. Once Clooney left, my devotion dwindled.
  2. Grey's Anatomy
    Izzy-ghost sex lost me
  3. Scandal
    I just didn't care if she slept with the President one more time
  4. The Good Wife
    I really loved this show but last season tried my patience, and I haven't finished what is left on my DVR
  5. Ally McBeal
    So good until it wasn't
  6. Heroes
    Brilliant first season that abet downhill from there
  7. The Wire
    I know, I KNOW, okay? I loved the first season but season 2 dragged, and I quit. I'm open to revisiting.
  8. Glee
    It took a turn quickly around season 3
  9. The O.C.
    I think I almost made it through most of this
  10. Parenthood
    I really didn't like the whole Kristina-election storyline and how the Bravermans could just do no wrong/smug factor of season 5. But I would actually like to finish this series, so I suppose I'll watch season 6 at some point.
  11. The Killing
    I'm not sure I have ever been as angry at a TV show as I was at the end of season 1. I refused to return.
  12. Desperate Housewives
    After so many seasons, I just couldn't handle another crazy neighbor moving in.
  13. Damages
    I shouldn't have stopped watching this. I was always stellar but then they took it off my cable, and I forgot about it. I should watch it now on Netflix.
  14. House of Cards
    Sorry, as a writer, I was asked to suspend my disbelief too many times and just couldn't.
  15. Melrose Place (the original)
    Nothing could capture the perfection of the early years. Poor Marcia Cross...the stuff they made her do as Kimberly.
  16. Scrubs
  17. Hawthorne
    I was only there for Michael Vartan
  18. House
    I lasted a bunch of seasons until it became obvious they had run out of ideas
  19. Monk
    I don't know. It got annoying after a while, didn't it?
  20. Dexter
    Suggested by @klarzulk