1. That guy who offered to move his mat over for me is very attractive
  2. That guy who offered to move his mat over for me is Josh Duhamel
  3. !!!!!
  4. Josh Duhamel is very attractive
  5. Maybe Josh Duhamel and I can become friends
  6. Or yoga buddies
  7. Or just exchange agonizing looks during plank pose
  8. Maybe Josh Duhamel and I will become GREAT friends and swap parenting tips
  9. And like, enjoy beers together now and then
    We are both married but I think this is okay?
  10. We will follow each other on Twitter and exchange hilarious banter about our excruciating but also serene hot yoga class
  11. I bet he is thinking the same thing about me
    My fallen triangle is probably blowing his mind and he just knows that we are destined to be social media BFFs
  12. This is totally happening!
  13. Wait, Josh Duhamel! Don't leave early.
  14. Shit.
  15. Come back, Josh Duhamel, come back!
  16. Fuck.
  17. Oh Josh Duhamel, what we could have had.
  18. Class is almost over?
  19. I don't feel more relaxed at all.
  20. Thanks for nothing, Josh Duhamel!
    But if we are in class together again, all is forgiven and let's totally be BFFs.
  21. Namaste.