1. Probably senior year in college. I used to wear pink on the regular. Someone recently told me that's not a good color for my "palette."
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  2. Playing guitar on stage with my best friend's little bro accompanying me on vocals. Pure joy.
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  3. Our MIT beard growing game was strong. For some more than others.
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  4. My future wife and I on our first international trip together (Bermuda). Made it even better that it was a work-related boondoggle with all the fixins (thanks, McKinsey).
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  5. Another one of my wife and I on a date for her birthday in NYC. I think we had just gone to Tao for dinner.
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  6. Met this guy on my first trip to SF. Somewhere in North Beach I think.
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  7. Statue of Anonymous in Budapest. I just thought this was the epitome of creepy cool.
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  8. Probably my most used profile pic. Taken the night before my wedding.
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