My Best Old Profile Pictures

  1. Probably senior year in college. I used to wear pink on the regular. Someone recently told me that's not a good color for my "palette."
  2. Playing guitar on stage with my best friend's little bro accompanying me on vocals. Pure joy.
  3. Our MIT beard growing game was strong. For some more than others.
  4. My future wife and I on our first international trip together (Bermuda). Made it even better that it was a work-related boondoggle with all the fixins (thanks, McKinsey).
  5. Another one of my wife and I on a date for her birthday in NYC. I think we had just gone to Tao for dinner.
  6. Met this guy on my first trip to SF. Somewhere in North Beach I think.
  7. Statue of Anonymous in Budapest. I just thought this was the epitome of creepy cool.
  8. Probably my most used profile pic. Taken the night before my wedding.