My world is mysterious. People think I'm a weirdo. But in the end, they love me.
  1. The sky at sunset, clouds, sunsets and sea.
  2. Feeling cold air in my face while I'm sad. And running. My thoughts and me only. These afternoons which I love to hate it.
  3. A good poem.
  4. A good friend who understands my chaos. And he/she didn't ask.
  5. Some fast food and watching sit coms.
  6. Walking around and staring the writings on the walls.
  7. Listening again and again the same song. All day long. All week long until I hate it.
  8. Cooking.
  9. People who love me for what I am.
  10. People with dreams, good vibes and a big heart.
  11. My mom. For everything she was, is and will be.